If I become a client, how much will the attorney cost?

Our law firm takes cases on a contingency fee basis and only gets compensated when the case settles or Mr. Robertson wins at trial. Except in rare circumstances, you never pay any money upfront to our firm for a traditional employment lawsuit. The percentages we charge upon settlement or verdict varies depending on the particular circumstances, case, client, etc. Our percentages are well within the ranges regularly charged by employment lawyers in the California market. Our fee’s always fall within the California Rules of Professional Conduct 4-200.

Please note that our firm is extremely selective as to which cases it decides to take. Not every case is a good case. Since the firm is investing its time, money, and resources in the case, it only selects a small percentage of the potential clients who contact our firm. However, even if Mr. Robertson decides not to take the case, it does not mean the case is bad. Oftentimes we will provide you with a referral to another fantastic employment lawyer.

After deciding to take the case, the firm will enter into an “attorney-client fee agreement” with the client, which sets forth the terms and scope of representation. This agreement lays out the percentage that is charged at the end of the case. It also outlines what costs will be reimbursed to the attorney (who fronts them for the client throughout the case).

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