Wages & Hours Lawyer

The law guarantees you the right to fair wages. All too often, however, employers fail to pay their employees according to the strict requirements of California law. Our attorney represents employees who have not been paid their wages. Disputes regarding unpaid overtime, insufficient meal or break periods, failure to pay minimum wage or employees misclassified as contractors all fall under the general category of “wage and hour” disputes.

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Attorneys Fighting for the Lawful Payment of Wages

If your employer has done any of the following, please contact a law firm immediately:

  • Failed to pay you overtime
  • Paid you a salary when they should have paid you by the hour – misclassified you as an “exempt” employee when you should have been “non-exempt”
  • Prevented you from taking an uninterrupted 30-minute meal break or any of your 10-minute rest breaks – or required you to perform job duties during your meal or rest break
  • Failed to pay you for all the hours you worked
  • Failed to provide you with a pay stub or wage statement with all of the required components
  • Paid you less than minimum wage – currently $10.00/hour in most locations in California. This is set to rise in the near future.
  • Failed to reimburse you for work related expenses
  • Failed to pay you for all hours worked upon your termination or layoff
  • Paid you a piece-rate but failed to pay you for overtime, rest breaks, or minimum wage for down time.

Individual Wage Disputes & Class Actions

Branigan Robertson handles two broad types of wage and hour disputes. First, he handles individual actions on behalf of single employees who have not been paid required overtime, denied meal breaks, denied rest breaks, not paid minimum wage, etc. Second, Mr. Robertson handles wage and hour class actions in disputes over failure to pay minimum wage, overtime, required benefits, meal and rest breaks, etc.

For more information regarding these areas of law, click the below links:

Please note that this is just an overview of wage and hour law. Even if your employer has not violated some of the laws listed here, you might still have a claim. There is no risk in contacting the firm for more information. We are here to help you.

Labor Lawyer for Unpaid Wages

Historically, unions dealt with wage issues. Unfortunately, union influence is plummeting across the USA, including California. The most effective way to recover unpaid wages is by hiring a California labor lawyer. The term “labor lawyer” is now synonymous with “employment lawyer.” Regardless of the name, our office, as well as the offices of thousands of other lawyers up and down the state, pursue employers who refuse to pay fair wages to their workers.

While our office is located in Orange County, Mr. Robertson serves clients throughout California. The number of class actions has soared across California due to plaintiff-friendly laws, mounting government enforcement efforts and the increasing amount of information available to employees. Virtually all aspects of employee compensation have become the target of collective and individual actions in both state and federal courts.