Class Action Attorney For Employees

Class action lawsuits are the best way to seek justice for groups of employees who have all been wronged by their employer in the same way. Our Orange County attorney has experience litigating and settling large class actions against companies on behalf of employees in California. If you work for a company and have been denied your due pay and believe it is right for a class action, call our lawyer for a free consultation. Mr. Robertson represents the class on a contingency fee.

Companies and employers sometimes take advantage of their employees in seemingly small ways. For example, they might short their employees out of a few hundred dollars of wages, commissions, or vacation pay. Individually, each amount of money is not worth suing over. However, when the company has a policy that violates the law and applies to a large group of employees, the employees can fight back with a class action.

What is a Class Action?

A class action, class lawsuit, or representative action is a lawsuit where a employee sues a company on behalf of a group or “class” of employees. The class action is a type of lawsuit where the claims of many employees can be resolved at the same time. The class suit both eliminates the possibility of repetitious litigation and provides small claimants with a method of obtaining justice for claims which would otherwise be too small to warrant individual litigation

Types of Class Actions Our Lawyers Handle:

Employment Class Action Basics

If you are contemplating joining an wage and hour class action lawsuit, you should be aware of class action basics:

  • Our lawyers file a class action lawsuit in court or with an arbitrator.
  • Branigan Robertson files a motion to certify the case as a class action. If the court agrees that the case meets all the criteria to continue as a class action lawsuit, it certifies the case as a class action.
  • The court orders that notice be provided to the entire class to inform the class members that the case is pending, is certified as a class action and that the class members have the right to exclude themselves or “opt-out” of the class action. The class members who opt-out of the class action are not bound by the result of the class action litigation and can sue individually. The individuals who remain in the class action are typically bound by the judgment or settlement obtained.
  • Subsequent to class certification, the case can either settle or go to trial. The cases commonly settle prior to trial. Under this scenario, the settlement would be presented to the court for approval, and the class would be notified how to make a claim. If the plaintiffs successfully win a judgment at trial, the class again would be notified how to make a claim.
  • After resolution of the case, the firm would seek an order from the court approving payment of attorneys’ fees and costs by the defendants. Typically, the client is not responsible for any attorneys’ fees or costs.

Free Consultation with a Class Action Attorney

Wage & hour class action lawsuits are a efficient way to seek justice for large groups of employees who have been wronged by their employer. Our California attorneys have experience litigating large class actions on behalf of employees in California. While our office is located in Orange County, we serve clients throughout California. Contact us for a free consultation. There is absolutely no obligation so you don’t have anything to lose!