What if your firm does not take my case?

Our employment law firm is a boutique law firm located in Southern California. Our firm receives many calls every day from potential clients inquiring as to whether they have a case. Unfortunately, there is no way we can accept every single case. In addition, Mr. Robertson is very selective about the cases he takes. Generally, Mr. Robertson only takes a handful of new cases every year. However, our firm receives thousands of calls each year from potential clients with viable claims. Therefore, if our firm does not take your case, we may refer your case to another law firm who is interested and able to take your case.

In addition, just because we do not take your case does not mean that you don’t have a case. As stated above, we take very few cases a year, and unfortunately we sometimes turn away good cases. Therefore, you may still have a very viable claim and should contact other lawyers to evaluate your potential case.

Lastly, looking for a lawyer to accept your potential case may be a tedious and frustrating endeavor. A potential client may talk to several lawyers or law firms before finding a lawyer that is willing to accept his or her case. If you are in this situation, and have talked to numerous lawyers, and none have taken your case, do not be discouraged! Call us anyway, we might be able to take your case or refer you to someone who would love to represent you. This is quite common in the legal world. Sometimes it just takes time to find the right lawyer to accept your case.