We Do One Thing, and Do it Well.

We don’t do divorce law, real estate, or criminal law. Nor do we dabble in car accident law, landlord-tenant, or intellectual property. We refer those cases to our friends. We do one thing and only one thing, employment law. In short, if you’re not an employee or independent contractor, and the dispute doesn’t revolve around the workplace, don’t bother calling us.

We Represent Employees…That’s It.

Mr. Robertson only works for employees. He doesn’t represent employers. Many law firms represent both employers and employees. However, these firms often discover conflicts of interest and have to turn down good cases. This focus gives us the advantage of dedicating all of our time and attention on one side of the law. Plus, Mr. Robertson loves fighting for the “little guy.” Almost any lawyer has the guts to work for a big company getting paid $450/hr. But very few lawyers have the guts to fight for people who just got fired and are worried about paying next months rent.

Branigan Wants to Help.

Mr. Robertson is passionate about helping employees fight for their rights in the workplace. Give us a call to see if we can help. There is no obligation, no hidden traps. Mr. Robertson is a compassionate lawyer who wants to make a difference in workers lives.

Our free consultation process generally looks like this: you call and tell your story to a law clerk over the phone. The law clerk compiles all of the facts of the case and presents all of the cases to the lawyers once a day. We review, and reject the people who don’t have much of a case, or the case is not within our experience level. If the case looks promising, we schedule an in-person interview to continue the investigation process.

After the interview, we decide whether or not to offer representation on a contingency basis (meaning we only get paid if we win or settle your case). In some cases, we can only offer representation on an hourly basis. It all depends!