Is the free consultation and any preliminary communication confidential?

Sometimes potential clients are concerned about the confidentiality of the consultation. During the consultations, the potential client is worried about whether what is said will reach his or her employer, or whether it will reach third parties. But the potential client should not be worried about this at all as the initial free consultation is completely confidential.

Attorneys, as well as their staff, are governed by the duty of confidentiality and the attorney-client privilege. This applies to the initial consultations as well even though a potential client is not our actual client yet. What this basically means is that our firm cannot and will not disclose what was said during the consultation. Thus, the only way anyone else would find out that the potential client is talking to a lawyer or what the potential client said is if the potential client disclosed what was said during the consultation.

In fact, if you call our employment law firm, and the attorney has a personal relationship with the company you want to sue (highly unlikely), the attorney will politely end the call and refer you to another attorney. We will never disclose to the company that we received a phone call from you.