What does an initial consultation with your firm entail, and how long does it take?

Our firm receives a lot of inquiries every day from potential clients and we try to talk with each and every person who contacts our firm. In order to hear everyone’s story in the most efficient and effective way possible, our firm has a method and protocol that we follow.

Typically, the first consultation between the potential client and our firm is done over the phone. It is totally free of charge. During this consultation, our office gathers all of the basic and necessary facts and contact information from the potential client. During this initial consultation, we are focused only on the “highlights” of what happened to you, not the nitty gritty details. This process can take anywhere from ten to thirty minutes depending on the potential client’s situation.

After the initial consultation, the employment attorney reviews the case and does any necessary legal research. If the attorney believes there is a good case and that it is within the scope of our practice, then the attorney will contact the potential client usually within twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the first consultation to further discuss the facts and legalities of the case. However, if the attorney believes there is no case or it is not within the scope of our practice, then either the attorney or his staff will inform the potential client via phone call or e-mail that our firm will be unable to provide representation. Sometimes, our firm will refer you to another lawyer. That other lawyer may have a skill set or experience level that our firm does not, or we may simply be too busy to accept your case at the time. We try to refer you to someone who has time to hear your matter and represent you.

The initial consultation will only take ten to thirty minutes of your time, and we try to get back to potential clients within twenty-four to forty-eight hours with whether our firm can represent them. Plus, it will not cost you a dime, it is free!