Lake Elsinore Employment Lawyer

Branigan Robertson is a labor attorney that represents employees in Lake Elsinore and throughout Southern California in wrongful termination lawsuits. He routinely handles whistleblower cases, unpaid overtime cases, and harassment cases. If you were recently terminated and are looking for an employment attorney, contact Mr. Robertson for a free consultation.

Contingency Fee Employment Lawyer

People who just got fired from their job don’t have the money to hire a lawyer. That is why Mr. Robertson only represents individuals via a contingency fee. This means he does not get paid unless he recovers money on your behalf. With a fee structure like that, Mr. Robertson is highly selective. But he happily gives free consultations over the phone on a daily basis. Give us a call to learn if you have a case.

Wrongfully Terminated from a Job in Lake Elsinore, CA?

The vast majority of individuals who call our firm were recently fired from their job. Most people who call us are not sure if the law was broken, they just feel like they were treated poorly and want to learn if their is anything that can be done about it. Some are astonished to find out that their employer has been violating the law for years, and other find out that no laws were broken and their best bet is just to move on with their life. Lake Elsinore is a small city in Riverside County. Often, people just want closure so they can move on with their life and begin looking for a new job.

Free Consultations… Always.

It does not cost you a dime to call our office. We know that simple folks can’t afford to pay a lawyer a few hundred dollars just to talk for thirty minutes. That is why we do them for free. We also try to return your call in a timely manner. Your life is busy too and we try our best to respect that.