Sexual Harassment – Recent Verdicts & Settlements Around California

Every case is different. Some cases are worth million of dollars while the vast majority are worth less than $100,000. This variation is due to the facts giving rise to each case and to the skill of the attorney handling the case. The cases listed here are only a tiny fraction of the total settlements and verdicts across California. Contact our sexual harassment lawyer for a free consultation.

$168 million – Chopourian v. Mercy General Hospital – March 2012

$30 million – Ralphs Grocery – 2002

$5.4 million – Leontaritis v. Tony’s Taverna – 2007

$2.5 million – Green v. LAIBCO –  2011

$2.3 million – Melissa Borck v. City of Los Angeles – 2009

$2.13 million – Rawland Leon Sorensen – September 2012 – Link

$1.5 million – Karen Shank – May 2011

$1.4 million – ICEF Public Schools in Los Angeles – July 2012

Please note that Branigan Robertson was not involved in any way with the listed cases. The firm did not represent the plaintiffs in these cases. There is no guarantee that your case will settle for any amount above. This list is for illustration purposes only.

California Sexual Harassment Verdicts | Branigan Robertson

To learn more about harassment, go to our hostile work environment page. Many women are also wrongfully terminated when they refuse to provide sexual favors for their co-workers or supervisors. Contact us to learn more about whether you have a good sexual harassment case.