Sexual Harassment Retaliation

What most women don’t know is that they are protected by California law if they complain about sexual harassment. When an employee complains to a supervisor or HR person about unlawful sexual harassment, the act of complaining is considered a “protected activity” and any adverse actions taken against the employee after such complaints may constitute retaliation. Our sexual harassment attorney fights for those who have complained about sexual harassment.

Sexual Harassment Retaliation Attorney

What is surprising is that it does not matter if the employee’s harassment complaints are well-founded. A retaliation claim may be brought by an employee who has opposed conduct that the employee reasonably believes to be harassment, even if a court later determines the conduct was not actually prohibited by law. What matters is that the employee’s complaint was made in good faith and was reasonable.

If you have made a complaint to your employer, you may be entitled to protection under California’s Fair Employment & Housing statute for any retaliation that occurs in response to your complaint. Don’t be a victim. Call our lawyers for a free consultation. The sexual harassment will not end until you stand up for what is right.