Wrongful Termination Verdicts and Settlements in California

Every wrongful termination case is different. Some cases are worth millions of dollars while the vast majority are worth less than $70,000. This variation is due to the facts in each case and to the skill of the attorneys. Unfortunately, the nature of settlements is that they are totally confidential. Since 95% of employment cases settle out of court, there is very little to no data on most employment cases in California.

We have much more data regarding verdicts (because they are public). Unfortunately, we don’t have data on arbitration verdicts (because arbitrations are also confidential). The cases listed here are only a tiny fraction of the recent settlements and verdicts across California.

To learn more about CA law regarding wrongful termination, go to our wrongful termination webpage. Many employees are wrongfully discharged after they complain about harassment, equal pay/gender discrimination, or an unsafe workplace.

Wrongful Termination Verdicts & Settlements in California


Verdicts & Settlements Around CA

Here is an excellent page with a spreadsheet that details all of the largest wrongful termination verdicts in CA history.

$538,000Kimberly Perry v. eGumball – Hon Ronald Bauer

  • Branigan Robertson & Lawrance Bohm took this case to trial in Orange County Superior Court. It was a wrongful termination and pregnancy discrimination verdict.

$1,967,000Marie Angel v. Sutter Health – Sacramento Superior – Hon Trena Burger-Plavan

$6,241,655 – Webb v. Ramos Oil, Co. – Yolo County Superior Court

  • This is a Lawrance Bohm wrongful termination verdict for a truck driver who was fired after he refused to drive intoxicated.

$4,646,000Denise Steffens v. Regus Group – USDC – Hon Larry Burns

$21,978,000April Rodriguez v. Valley Vista Services, Inc. – L.A. Superior – Hon Susan Bryant-Deason

$450,000Andrew McDonald v. Ascent Media Group, Inc. – L.A. Superior – Hon Mary Strobel

$8,546,000Brandi Cochran v. Price is Right – L.A. Superior – Hon Kevin Brazile – Link

Please note that our firm was not involved in most of the above listed cases. Excluding the Perry v. eGumball case, our firm did not represent the plaintiffs in these cases. There is no guarantee that your case will settle for any amount above. This list is for illustration purposes only. If you’ve been fired, contact an employment lawyer to learn whether or not you have a wrongful termination case that is worth pursing.