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Were you harassed, retaliated against, or wrongfully terminated because you blew the whistle? If you were recently fired from your job for “poor performance” and feel the termination was wrongful, employment lawyer Branigan Robertson would like to help. Mr. Robertson accepts clients in Redondo Beach and throughout SoCal.

When an adverse employment action is taken against you the statute of limitations begins to run and could jeopardize your legal case if you don’t act quickly. Speak with a employment & labor lawyer to understand and secure your rights to money damages.

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Attorney Branigan Robertson has experience handling a wide variety of employment claims and lawsuits. He loves helping unpaid employees, sexually harassed men & women, and whistleblowers. The Fair Employment and Housing Act is the law covering discrimination. There are various whistleblower statutes applicable to multiple industries. California provides the most protection in the nation for its workers. But that doesn’t mean employers always comply.

At Branigan Robertson, we aggressively protect the rights of employees throughout California. Because of our reputation for honest representation, many of our clients come to us as referrals from other lawyers. We don’t play games. We get results.

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This law firm primarily works on a contingency fee. A contingency fee is where the fee is payable to the law firm only if there is a favorable result. These fees are usually determined on a percentage of the client’s total recovery. Let this firm help you with your employment case. The firm represent’s clients throughout California. Call or use the online contact form to get in touch with a aggressive Redondo Beach employment attorney. Remember, lawsuits are a difficult and strenuous thing to experience. It is wise to have a helping hand to see you through the difficult process.