San Marcos – Employment Lawyer for Employees

Employees across California are protected by the some of the strongest employment laws in the country. Unfortunately, employers still violate them. From unlawful harassment to retaliation for blowing the whistle, employees across the state need representation by an employment lawyer. Mr. Robertson represents employees in San Marcos and throughout California in lawsuits against companies that violate their rights.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Employment Attorney

Mr. Robertson only gets paid if he successfully settles your case or prevails at trial. Aside from exceptional circumstances, you don’t pay us any money and we are only compensated if we win. We get paid a percentage of the total settlement. This fee structure is a win-win for the client and for the attorney. After all, most employees who just got fired cant afford to pay a lawyer out of pocket. So please give our office a call. We offer free consultations which means you can call us with no obligation and it doesn’t cost you a dime. While we are located in Orange County, we represent clients in San Marcos and throughout San Diego county.

Employment Lawsuits

Mr. Robertson represents individuals who find themselves in the following circumstances:

  • Unlawfully harassed because of sex, age, race, disability, or other protected categories;
  • Not paid proper overtime;
  • Wrongfully terminated after the employee complained about a violation of law;
  • Whistleblower who is retaliated against;
  • Fired because the employee has a physical or mental disability that is covered by the Fair Employment & Housing Act;
  • If the employee is misclassified as a salaried employee or independent contractor when they should be a regular hourly worker subject to CA’s overtime laws; and
  • Women who are being discriminated against because they are pregnant or are taking a maternity leave.

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