Solana Beach, CA – Employment Attorney

Employees across Southern California are protected by the some of the best employment laws in the country. Unfortunately, employers still break the law. From unlawful harassment to retaliation, employees across the state need representation by an experienced employment lawyer. Mr. Robertson takes cases in Solana Beach and throughout Southern California and pursues lawsuits against companies that violate employee rights.

Employment Lawsuits

Solana Beach is one of the most beautiful places in California. But the beauty of a location doesn’t stop bad behavior in the workplace. Unfortunately, sometimes you must file a lawsuit to keep people who break the law accountable. Mr. Robertson represents individuals who find themselves in the following circumstances:

Solana Beach Employee Legal Representation

Employees in Solana Beach need to be aware of CA’s employment laws. If something bad has happened to you, don’t be afraid to call our office for a free consultation. Since Mr. Robertson only gets paid if he successfully settles your case or prevails at trial (contingency fee) you have nothing to lose by calling our office. We get paid a percentage of the total settlement. This fee structure is a win-win for the client and for the attorney. After all, most employees who just got fired cant afford to pay a lawyer out of pocket. So please give our office a call.

We offer free consultations right over the phone which means you can call us with no obligation and it doesn’t cost you a dime. We are located in Orange County and represent clients throughout San Diego county, including Solana Beach.