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Branigan Robertson is a California employment lawyer. His firm exclusively represents employees across California in lawsuits against employers. Our consultations are always free and Mr. Robertson exclusively works on a contingency fee basis. If you’ve been wrongfully terminated or harassed at work, visit our home page.

Finding a California employment lawyer can be frustrating. Labor attorney’s like Mr. Robertson get lots and lots of calls everyday from people who have been wrongfully terminated. This article is meant to provide some information to the individuals who are looking for a California Employment Lawyer, but have not yet found an attorney who will take their case.

California Employment Lawyer’s are Busy – Be Patient

California employment attorney’s and their staff are very busy servicing their current clients. Many lawyers cannot call you back right away as they may be writing a motion, in trial, or taking a deposition. It is when they have a few free moments that they look at potential new cases. Branigan Robertson tries to call people back with 24 hours. However, sometimes this is impossible. If you do not receive a call back in a few days, please call us again and leave us a message. If you don’t hear from us, please don’t hesitate to call another law firm. Their are lots of good lawyers out there, you just need to find one who believes in your case and has enough time to properly handle it.

Why A Lawyer May Turn Down Your Case

Unfortunately, Mr. Robertson cannot take every case. Mr. Robertson is a contingency lawyer and doesn’t get paid unless the case is successful. Obviously, with that kind of fee structure, Mr. Robertson is extremely selective and can only take a handful of cases each year. But do not assume that you don’t have a case! Call us for a free consultation. Even if Mr. Robertson turns down your case, you still might have a great case and he will likely refer you to another California employment lawyer that he believes is better suited for your case.

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