Los Angeles CA Employment Lawyer

Los Angeles CA Employment Attorney

Branigan Robertson is a Los Angeles CA Employment Attorney.

Branigan Robertson is a employee rights attorney in Southern California. The firm exclusively represents employees across the state in lawsuits against employers. If you need a Los Angeles CA employment lawyer contact us for a free consultation. Mr. Robertson takes cases throughout California.

Wrongful Termination – Harassment – Retaliation

Los Angeles has 3.8 million people in it. If you count the surrounding areas, there are millions more. According to LA County’s own website there are 244,000 businesses operating daily. Unfortunately, thousands of people need a Los Angeles CA employment lawyer because their company broke the law when they fired them. Sadly, only a small percentage of these individuals have the courage to reach out and contact a lawyer.

Wrongful termination, harassment, and retaliation should be a thing of the past in Los Angeles. These unlawful acts will never disappear unless people stand up and fight for their legal rights. Despite California’s many challenges, Los Angeles is one of the most progressive cities in the world. But employment law and equality will never prevail unless people simply have the courage to call a lawyer.

A Different Kind of Los Angeles CA Employment Lawyer

There are thousands and thousands of lawyers in Southern California. How do you decide who to call? There is no right answer, as some lawyers are more suited for certain types of cases. But generally, the best lawyer for your case is someone who has the time and energy to fully devote to your case. A great lawyer will do a bad job on your case if he or she does not devote enough time or energy to it.

Mr. Robertson prides himself on his business model. His largest key to success has been picking honest clients! Mr. Robertson refuses to work with anyone who appears to have the wrong motivation or who is simply trying to win a bunch of money a trial.

Mr. Robertson takes very few cases each year so he can devote as much time as possible to each case. Mr. Robertson also co-counsel’s with other lawyers if he feels their expertise will add significant value to the case. This does not increase the contingency fee that the client pays for his legal counsel. Mr. Robertson also prides himself on giving each client fantastic personal service. Clients receive frequent phone calls an emails personally from Mr. Robertson. Mr. Robertson also returns emails and phone calls from clients within 24 hours.

Unpaid Overtime – Whistleblowers – Sexual Harassment

To our constant amazement, some unscrupulous employers still fail to pay overtime properly, and then terminate an employee when the employee requests that they be paid according to the law. Unfortunately, Los Angeles Ca employment lawyers frequently see companies retaliate and terminate whistleblowers. This is especially prevalent in the health care industry when nurses or other medical professionals complain about patient safety.

Finally, we get calls every week about sexual harassment that creates a hostile work environment.

Contact Us

If you feel that you are a victim of any of the above acts, contact our office today. Don’t wait to retain a Los Angeles CA employment lawyer. If you wait too long your claim might expire. Here is our main LA page. The sooner you contact an attorney the better. We offer free consultations with no obligation. More importantly, you don’t pay us any money up front. We are a contingency firm and we only get paid when you win. Call today.

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