Retaliation for Reporting an Unsafe Work Environment – Pt. 3

This post discusses what employees should do if they are being retaliated against for complaining about a safety issue at work. It also describes how much safety lawsuits like this can be worth in Court. Attorney Branigan Robertson carefully analyzes the anti-retaliation laws that protect workers and explains what retaliation looks like in the real world.

Retaliation for Safety Violations is a Big Problem

Unfortunately, if you get hurt on the job, you create a big problem for the company. And the sad reality is, some companies choose to treat their employees like replaceable widgets and they will not tolerate when one tries to stand up for safety. Retaliation because of safety concerns is a big problem in California, and Mr. Robertson wants people to know their rights and when they should call a lawyer.

This is Part 3 of a four part series that Mr. Robertson is making on workplace safety.

Once Mr. Robertson finishes filming each video, he will come back to this post and insert a link so you can easily jump to the video that is most helpful for you. But you should watch them in order as each one lays a foundation that is key to understanding the next one.

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