Wrongful Termination Settlements

Mr. Robertson’s primary area of work is wrongful termination. Such cases come in all shapes and sizes and many people call and ask us how much their case is worth. Unfortunately, there is no good answer, we only have hunches and educated guesses. Some employment cases fail to settle, although we estimate that 95% settle before trial. Wrongful termination settlements, by their very nature, are confidential. The plaintiff accepts a sum of money in exchange for confidentiality and a dismissal of the case.

Wrongful Termination Settlements Vary Widely

Employment lawyers like Mr. Robertson acquire settlements on behalf of their clients all the time. The value of the settlement depends on many things: how easy it is to prove the law was broken, how much money the plaintiff was making at the time they were fired, how long have they been out of work, how long can a reasonable person expect them to be out of work in the future, how severe was the conduct on behalf of the defendant, how credible are the witnesses, how damning are the documents, and how is your lawyer at negotiating.

Many lawyers are terrible at negotiating, most are decent at it, and there are a select few who are truly extraordinary. Luckily, the better your case the more chips your employment attorney will have to bargain with. So the better the case, the better your lawyer becomes.

Settlements Usually Occur at Mediation

Mediation is a totally confidential session between the parties in an effort to settle the case. There is a neutral 3rd party mediator who is paid to go back and forth between the parties to grease the wheels of negotiation. Mediation is an art and there are a few dozen who are regularly hired by employment lawyers like Mr. Robertson. Obtaining a good mediator increases the likelihood that your wrongful termination case will settle.

Wrongful Termination Settlements Frequently Occur Before Trial

Unfortunately, some defendants and their lawyers refuse to make a reasonable offer until the eve of trial. What is critical is that you have an employment attorney who knows how to prepare for trial so that the settlement offer that is made is reasonable. If your attorney neglects the case or fails to properly prepare it for trial, the defense lawyers will not give you a fair value settlement offer. Therefore, it is critical that you hire a competent attorney.

Mr. Robertson and his team handles a wide variety of termination cases. We represent people who get fired for refusing to violate the law, get pregnant, complain about harassment, etc. Wrongful termination settlements come in all shapes and sizes. It is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible after your termination so you don’t inadvertently let your legal rights expire.

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