#1 Reason Why Employees Get Fired (unlawfully)

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In this post, Mr. Robertson discusses the most common reason workers get fired in violation of state or federal law. This is the 1st part in a five-part video series. The most common reason is the employer refuses to reasonably accommodate a worker when he or she becomes disabled due to a medical issue. It is a form of disability discrimination. This first video is a basic overview of the laws in place to protect workers who have a physical or mental issue.

Here is the next four videos in this “reasonable accommodation” video series:

  • #2 – When Must HR Accommodate You? – https://youtu.be/dnHUQXFdRpg
  • #3 – The Shady Ways HR Refuses to Accommodate Disabled Workers – (coming soon!)
  • #4 – The Best Way to Request a Reasonable Accommodation – (coming soon!)
  • #5 – How Much are Reasonable Accommodation Cases Worth? – (coming soon!)

Here are some related webpages on this website that cover all of this content in written form:

We hope this information helps you learn more about your rights!

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